Constance Schroeder

Anima Wall Art Totem

100% Hand made in France
an idea, a drawing
Vectorization for creating cutting patterns
Plywood cutting
Anima are low relief animals for wall decoration. They are made from plywood. The design, cutting, gluing, painting and finishing, are entirely made by me, and by hand. Their handmade fashion ensures that each piece is unique with details that can vary (shapes of certain cuts, painting, colors, expression of the gaze, etc.). It is important for me to give a characteristic representation of the animal by its posture or other, away from the trophy hunting spirit. My research is to bring this real presence, especially by the particular work of the eyes and eyes. Anima is the name I chose for the designer.
Woodworking / assembly
Particular work of the eyes, their soul
Paintings finishes varnish
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